Dangerous phrases that can destroy your finances and relationships

There is a number of phrases you might have heard many times from other people. It might even be possible you yourself are using one of them. Of course, the problem is not in the phrases themselves. It is hidden in their meaning and the approach used by the people using such phrases.

While all of these phrases are extremely dangerous for your financial condition, a number of them is also powerful enough to kill even the closest and warmest relationships with other people.

We don’t need any marriage contract! We really love each other!

You certainly have met many people marrying each other with such an approach. It is also quite possible you might be one of them. Somehow people believe it is rather shameful to think about their financial safety when they are starting building a new family. In addition to it, it appears to many people that real love has to be detached from any attempts to protect oneself as an individual being.

Even if it appears like that, you should think about that from a different perspective. Of course, you might be very unwilling to think about the possibility of breaking up with your partner when you are starting your life together and it might feel so abstract and unreal. Still, in the reality the majority of marriages in Western countries are ending up in divorce. All of the people who have decided to move on without a marriage contract have made some mistake.

Of course, it does not necessarily mean your partner will necessarily behave in an ugly way if you will ever be going through a divorce. Yet, you can never know and the most beautiful relations look absolutely in a different way when people are going through a divorce.

On top of that, the mere discussion of a marriage contract can give you some understanding about the real attitude of your partner to you. At least at this step, it might become apparent whether this person is greedy as well as many other crucial facts.

Let’s buy our house and make my father an owner to pay smaller taxes

There are many countries where  it is possible to somehow manipulate the amount of taxers that have to  be paid. Of course, this is not achieved directly. People have to do various tricks to make it possible for instance by registering their older parents as the owners of the newly purchased house or flat.

On the one hand, it can indeed help your family to minimise the taxes. At the same time, it indeed seems like the real estate will still be in your family since your husband or wife will anyway receive it after the death of one’s parent. Yet, there are so many possible risks involved that you actually never agree on any such scheme.

Certainly, the most obvious possibility is the case in which you will have a divorce with this person before the property gets into the ownership of your partner. Even in such a situation, you will still have to prove you indeed spent your own money on its purchase.

Unfortunately, this is only one of the possible options.

For instance, you yourself will not be able to sell this flat as it does not belong to you. There is not guarantee, you will be able to sell it even if you have discussed it with your relative. This person will be growing old and you never know what can happen in the future when this person might develop some cognitive issues. It might be extremely difficult to do anything with your property in such a case.

Another common scenario is the death of this person. Despite the initial confidence of getting the flat back into your possession, it might never happen since there might be other children as well as the spouse of that person waiting for inheritance. And all of them will have a right to get a piece of your real estate.

As you can imagine, no decrease of taxes is not worth such troubles.