Typical phrases of people who love to pretend about their finances

Being pretentious is never good whether it is about your personal life or career. It is even worse when it is about your finances, as it may push you to making various poor financial decisions which will cost you a lot in the long run. Be very careful about the following points and do not let yourself live according to such approaches.

There is nothing wrong with getting a bank loan as I will get my new gadget right now

There is nothing wrong in it if you indeed need this object very much. For example, you a freelance using your computer for work and unfortunately it got absolutely destroyed in some accident. now, without a new one you will not be able to work since for some reason, you have not managed to save any money for a rainy day.

The same will go for getting a new refrigerator. With this crucial piece of equipment, the quality of your life can seriously deteriorate.

Still, if you need this new gadget just because it will be new, this is a rather bad idea to have such an approach to your purchases. You should understand that getting an expensive item with the help of a bank loan will never make you a part of the privileged society or whatever it is you are trying to get into with such financial decisions.

What other people will think

There are enough people who are building their lives not in a sincere way. They are doing everything assessing the reactions of others. While this can seem so weird to other people, this is certainly some result of the way these individuals were brought up in their families. In all likelihood, such a behaviour is not making them happy at all.

While it is never good to base your actions on the reactions of others, it is even worse if you make financial decisions in such a way. This can cost you a lot of money.

You have certainly heard many stories about families who spent so much money on weddings and other celebrations and were ready to starve themselves for months just for the sake of getting something expensive and make a right impression on others.

You should not repeat their practice even if it is done on a smaller scale.

We live only once!

This is a favourite phrase of the people who have some problems with delayed gratification. It is pretty easy for them to waste a huge amount of money at once even if they have been saving it for a certain time for some serious purchase. Even if there is indeed no chance for us for reincarnation in the future, it is better to take care of this single life and make it comfortable during its entire span rather than feel yourself like a king for a short moment and then struggle while making ends meet.

I don’t like conflicts

There is no sense in liking conflicts, yet, many people who love this phrase are prone to letting others treat them in any way they prefer as it is seems to them as a conflict if only they oppose themselves to such individuals and try to take care of themselves.

Of course, such a behaviour can have various unpleasant consequences. If we focus on financial outcomes, they can be absolutely different including not returning faulty products to shops and not paying attention of a cashier when he or she makes a mistake. As you can imagine, this can cost you quite a lot in a long run.