Even more phrases dangerous for both your relationships and budget

We have already looked at several popular phrases reflecting the approach of the people making them how can easily get into financial troubles as well as affect their relationships in a rather negative way. Here are even more examples you should be careful about whether you are making them on your own or it is your partner from whom you hear them.

We do not need any testament! We are a family and will divide everything fairly!

This is another popular phrase of the people who refuse from writing a marriage contract.

Again, many people refuse to set any testaments as it looks to materialistic top happy and friendly families. Even if your family is genuinely one of them, albeit it is obvious from practice that the majority of such happy and friendly family eventually get into serious fights over testaments, you can never know whether your aging parents will not get into any cognitive trouble which make them take some absolutely unpredictable actions.

There are many such situations when older people with dementia stop recognising even those children who are living with them and taking care of them all the time. Additionally, you certainly have heard about bizarre situations when such older parents have handed over their possessions to absolutely unknown people.

By the way, testaments are crucial for anyone and not only necessarily older people. Just consider the following situation. If a part of the real estate of your parents belongs to you, in case of your death, your spouse will have a right to get this part of your possession. Even if your spouse is a very reliable person who would never demand this money from your family, you still cannot know this for a fact and it can cost your parents a lot of energy being in such uncertainty.

We are friends, let me pay for everyone

This is unfortunately one of the attacks of generosity some people are prone to especially after having too much of alcohol. You can easily imagine what can happen to your finances if you do it on regular basis. Actually, even a single action of this sort can be enough for you to lose a lot of money since everything depends on the number of friends and the place where you would like to pay for them.

Needless to say, with such a behaviour you are actually risking to lose all of those friends. In fact, you will lose these people as friends and they will stay with you hoping you will pay for them over and over again.

By the way, there is a high probability, you will have to visit the same friends tomorrow and ask them to loan you some money.

Return me money when you will be able to

One of the most confusing situations is loaning money to your friends or relatives. On the one hand, it is obvious you would like to help them, especially when you know about their difficult situation. Still, this can be rather difficult to get your money back when you need it and it might not be apparent in which way you can talk to these people so that they will not get offended. At the same time, if you let them take money and never ask about it back hoping they will return it to you one day can make you feel rather bad about them. These people might not even be aware about that while your personal attitude towards them have already deteriorated a lot.

That is why, if you feel comfortable with giving money to your friends or family, do not feel too uncomfortable to discuss the timeframe within which you are expecting these people to return you your finances.