Financial mistakes which can destroy a relationship

It is very sad when financial problems start interfering into the harmony of a relationship and it is crucial to prevent them before it is too late. There are several popular issues connected to the budget of a couple which can deprive the relationship of balance and even cause its end. This article will help you to understand such problems and address them in your life.

A financial betrayal

There is actually such a term as a financial betrayal and its meaning is hiding the information about a financial condition from another person.

A financial betrayal can be of different types. For instance, a person might be greedy and egoistic willing to have a full control over all of the money, so he or she decides not to inform another partner about their income. This can also be the result of some expenses which make a person feel uncomfortable. For instance, one might be suffering from compulsive shopping or gambling and needs a budget for such an addiction, so the individual also does not inform the partner about the real budget. Certainly, this can also work in the opposite way when a person is hiding the information about one’s budget because his or her partner tends to spend too much.

According to the modern studies, this is actually a rather serious problem and there are enough people who find it almost as severe as having an affair.

What can be done in such a situation?

Of course, everything depends on the exact situation happening in your relationship, however, what is crucial is to always stay honest with your partner about finances. If you are one who is spending too much and feeling ashamed of it, it is an issue which should be discussed with your partner in order to have a solution working for both of you. Providing you are in an opposite situation and you have strong concerns about the ability of your partner to spend too much money, you should still be honest with your partner. If you see disturbing behaviour when it comes to the way this person is managing budget either by spending too much or hiding one’s income from you, you can just treat it as a signal for serious consideration when it comes to your future together.

Certainly, you should not make a mistake of hiding your income from your partner without any real reason for it and just because you are afraid about it. Such a behaviour is an expression of being greedy and it can seriously damage your relationship in the long run.

Too much of economy

While some couples are not managing their budget properly, there are couples in which one of the partners tend to be too much into saving. There might be no big issue in it if both partners are like that, however, if there is only one person who tends to bring saving money to an extreme extent, this can make another person suffer and eventually resign from being in such a relationship.

Such a problem can appear in different ways. A partner who is particularly unwilling to spend money can not only get mad over spending money on entertainment or pleasurable purchases, but also make irrational decisions which seem to be working for money saving only for a short period of time. For example, a person might resign from purchasing more expensive electronic devices for home even though they use several times less electricity than their cheaper alternatives. Such a person might be trying to save money on the food making a choice of the products of poor quality. Such a behaviour can also be combined with hiding money from another person.

What can be done in such a situation?

If you are the one who is in the relationship with the person who prefers to live under the conditions of severe financial economy, you might find it helpful to divide your budget with this person, however, you can still face a lot of issues when it is impossible to buy some things separately. Thus, at some point you might have make a final choice of whether staying with this person or not.

Providing you are the one who feels a severe need to save money, you can also try an option with separate budgets, however, you should be ready to be more flexible when it comes to the purchases which you will have to make together even if this will make you feel anxious. Otherwise, your partner might feel too unhappy in the relationship.