Why should you discuss financial issues with your partner?

There are many cultures in which the discussion of financial issues in a relationship seems to be inappropriate as there is a stereotype the partner raising such topic is looking for material profits in the relationship. This is certainly not like that. There is a huge difference between a person who is looking at a partner as at a source of financial profits and a person who just needs to know what is the financial plan for their couple. Why should partners actually discuss financial questions and start doing it as soon as possible?

There are different attitudes toward finances

Needless to say, there are many various patterns of managing money and many of them have some logical ideas even though they might be absolutely opposite to each other. For example, it is sensible to save money for the future and have a spare amount of money just in case. At the same time, if this sum of money is not invested, it can be lost with time even before a rainy day happens and the money is actually needed. Still, many investment plans which can really bring profits rather than help you to save savings from inflation will not allow a person to get the money back at any moment it is needed.

This is all true, but you should also not forget about the pleasurable things in life which also cost money. No matter how good it is to have some money for a rainy day, there is no sense in changing life in a mere saving process. Indeed, no one needs money after death and it should also bring some joy into your life.

As you can see, these are only three basic approaches to finances and there are many more. If you are in a relationship planning your life together it is absolutely crucial to discuss such things honestly and not to count on a natural flow of things. Certainly, it might happen that there are no major differences between your approach to money and the approach of your partner. Unfortunately, there is no such a rule and it is better to know what your situation exactly is as soon as possible.

Family patterns

It is also crucial to be aware of the fact each of us has been raised in a family with a particular financial approach. Some of us might feel this is the only proper way of dealing with money while others might find it a very poor one and try their best not to repeat it in their adult lives. Still, there are also people who are not necessarily happy about the patterns they have learnt in their childhood but they have not tried anything else.

You should take such a fact into consideration because it might happen than your partner expects that you will absolutely agree on their attitude to a family budget just because the parents of this person have lived like that all the time. As you can imagine, it does not mean you will be happy about such a financial plan so you should really know about it beforehand. It is possible that you will be able to discuss this question and choose the option working for both of you based on your preferences or you might find out your partner is absolutely inflexible and is stubbornly demanding living according his or her rules which makes you unhappy/. Certainly, you should know about such a situation before you decide to get into marriage, have a child or make an expensive purchase together.

What questions on finances should be discussed?

Certainly, it is important to discuss whether you are going to have a common budget consisting of all of the money both of you are earning or whether you are going to have separate budgets. How are you going to divide the payments for a house and bills as well as for food? Of course, if you decide to have a common budget, it is still crucial to choose a person to manage it or manage it together.

It is also necessary to discuss your financial priorities, goals and attitude to particular expenses. Also, you should discuss the opinion to borrowing money from a bank for particular needs.

These are all very natural questions which should be discussed in a friendly and supportive manner so that you will be able to learn each other better and find the best option to meet the needs of each other.